The game uses "smart cast" style targeting. Hold a key down to see targeting, move the cursor to aim, release key to fire.
Alternatively, you can click the buttons then click a tile

Known issues:
Firefox resizes the game without letting it know which can cause the pixel graphics to look distorted/blurry. I recommend Chrome

game by Magma Fortress @MagmaFortress
tileset by oryx

The members of your ragtag party each have two abilities that they can use while tagged in and one assist they can use while tagged out.

The assist shares a cooldown with their ability to tag in.

They only regenerate health while tagged out.

Knocking heroes over spikes, against walls or into water kills them instantly. Knocking heroes while they are "held" also kills them instantly.

The XP bar at the bottom of the screen is not yours! It shows the XP of the Heroes (ie. the ones you are fighting against.) The heroes become more powerful every time they level up.

Treasure in deeper levels of the dungeon is worth more. There are also more heroes down there.

The grid in the lower left shows the dungeon map. Each icon represents what you will find in that room.